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Portfolio: Drawings/pastels

I love the speed and convenience of pastel painting, plus the use of drawn marks to emphasis shape and form.

I have also discovered the convenience of the I-Pad which substitutes pseudo mediums and can have a feel of their own.

Art is surely about the telling of a story, emphasis of the features that excite the eye and the mind, visualising an emotion, plus composition of a picture in geometric terms, the character of each medium etc.

I am disappointed at the lack of teaching where the arts seem to take bottom place in academic lists. Where would we be without art as human beings? It starts with records of human life through cave drawings. It progresses generation to generation in a variety of styles that reflect the changes in civilisation.

I find 'conceptual' art, often lacking in the traditions of representation. How does an unmade bed or pile of bricks or a cow in preservative, or even a skull with millions worth of diamonds embedded show any skill rather than a droll fooling of a  misguided art buyer? Mr Saatchi, what have you done?